Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green :: Spring

Note: this post may just be a shameless excuse to post more pictures of the flowers and lawn I am currently enjoying so much. Its content may seem on the lame side. The real post I've got cooking in my head (just wait, you'll see, it'll be so much more deep and full of substance than this one) has to wait till I get the photos I need.

After moving to Colorado (back in the summer of 2002), we returned to Seattle the following spring, for the shorebird migration. I still vividly remember driving south from Sea-Tac (the airport), heading out towards the coast of Washington, and being amazed by how green it was. Coming from Colorado, it was a striking difference. Sure, Colorado has some green times, early in the spring, when the hot dry summer has not yet set in, and there is still some moisture left over from the winter. But, on the whole, you could not characterize Colorado as a particularly green place.

Here in Maine, this spring, I have been struck by the green, the quantity, the variety, the lushness all around.

And, of course, all the flower and bush blooming activity.

Ray was worried that our lawn was too much of a hill, too steep for good play activity. But, it turns out to be just fine, and he and Alden mowed their own little soccer field in the lawn.

Finally, Ray on his "portable deck", talking on the phone to his brother (portable deck: also known as the wagon-soon-to-become-a-woodshed... For the full story on that, see flickr. Really, the story starts here: at crowbar, and then on towards "destruction".).