Monday, March 3, 2008

Seven Days

Only in Maine. Only in Farmington. Only at Titcomb.

Alden and I, just for fun, set ourselves a goal, a challenge, really: ski every day for seven days (in a row, that is).

We did it (concessions, confessions, and more details below.)

It began on Saturday February 23rd.

Saturday: weekend, family skiing (which means the juggling - one parent with Milo, staying home at first and then heading to Titcomb, the other at Titcomb with Alden skiing. Lunch together as a family, parent switch, one person goes back home with Milo for the nap, the other gets to ski.)
[picture is of the "apparatus" at the top of the T-bar. I know it just looks like some strange contraption, which I suppose it is.]
Sunday: repeat of Saturday..

Monday: I pick up Alden from school, we head over for a few runs before going to get Milo.

Tuesday: Alden has his after school ski program. I go over during that, ski by myself for a bit, then he and I ski together after his program ends.

Wednesday: we have our x-c program this day. All season, Alden has been wanting to ski alpine after finishing with x-c. Today, we do it - switching skis at 5:20 or so, and heading up the T-bar for a little under the lights/in the snow skiing.

Thursday: repeat of Tuesday, though Alden skis after the program with Ray, while I manage Milo.

Friday: Annual Winter Fun Day for Alden's elementary school. They spend the day at Titcomb - you guessed it - skiing... Like I said at the beginning - only in Farmington...

That's seven days.

Concessions: I actually only managed 6 days. Alden and I would have needed to ski together after school on Friday for me to get seven. He was so wiped out by his full day of skiing that by then that he didn't want to ski more.

Confessions: Thursday, annual potluck for Alden's Alpine Snow Kids program. Milo ate really well (there were about 6 kinds of mac and cheese on offer. Toddler culinary paradise.) Alden was so busy skiing with Ray, and then playing outside with friends, he never even came in for the supper part. So, cake for supper when we got home. It was carrot cake, though, so, doesn't that make it sort of reasonable??)

more details: Alden went on to ski Saturday - on x-c skis, but hiking up and then skiing down a downhill trail; and then on Sunday we skied at Mt Abram - his first real "big" ski mountain experience.

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