Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ray was feeding Milo some pretzels the other day. Or, at least sitting with Milo while he ate some pretzels. He randomly started reading the label on the pretzels, noting that they were organic, and, then, with a slightly shocked tone, he says “hey, these are organic, and they came from Reny’s??!!”

I reply: “Yup. Amazing what you can find at Reny’s.”

I have to say, I was pretty damn excited about moving to a town with a Reny’s. For the last few summers, while at Hancock Point, I have been having a growing love affair with the Reny’s in Ellsworth. Just from an architectural standpoint, the one in downtown Farmington is way nicer looking – right on Main Street (which is actually called Broadway) and in an older more interesting looking building.

The Ellsworth Reny’s is right smack in the middle of one of the yuckier parking lot/strip malls. Oh well.

A partial list of things we have gotten at Reny’s this year includes:

Boots for both boys (one of the more expensive items - in the $30s. But, given the amount of snow we had, well worth it).

Snowpants for me and Ray. (I loved my snowpants this winter, and I think they were $20).

New juice glasses (69 cents a piece. Not kidding).

Sun hat for Milo ($3.99).

And on and on and on. You can find almost anything you want at Reny’s. And, it's cheap. Really.

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Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

I wish we had a Reny's in Louisville. That and you guys are the only thing missing from this town. We are missing you guys a ton as the summer comes and we are hanging outside more and more. The whole culdy was at the "new park" (dirt bike jumps) listening to Thursday night concert in the park. I hope you guys are having a great summer in Maine. I would love to see you ~ how to fit it in our schedule????? I will work on that one.

~ Jil