Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Day

Count so far: two days off from school. First one was before Xmas. Also, so far, two late starts b/c of snow.

Today was a beautiful one: good snow and outdoor potential pretty much all day. The other snow day we had was crap: snow turned wet and heavy and then, pretty much, turned to rain, making it not at all appealing to be outside. Fun to watch the near-flooding on the road outside the house, but, not that much fun...

Milo wearing what he calls his "mittens with pictures."

Alden was outside for hours.

Milo and I also enjoyed some good time in the backyard. Milo has heretofore not been all that psyched about sledding. Today, he was into it.

I had my camera up on the porch, and was waiting to be inspired to photograph something. Suddenly I saw it, as I was sitting in the sled, waiting to start down the hill with Milo tucked in in front of me.

I made Alden run for the camera, and then spent a while trying to get that perfect shot. Yelling at both children all the while: Milo, who kept squirming and not "turning" the way I wanted him to turn, so I could get the snow on the eyelashes just right; Alden, who kept kicking into his snowboard again and again, all the while kicking me and Milo, in the sled, as he (Alden) wanted to head down the hill right on our heels...

Then the snowflakes turned from small to HUGE. Not sure I really was able to capture that, but, I tried.

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