Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ice Out :: April 2009

Watching the ice go out on our little pond is probably not much of an event, compared to watching the same thing happen on a larger body of water.

[mid day Saturday April 11]

But, it's what we've got, and I made a day of it.... taking pictures every few hours, all day long. By late afternoon, it was clear we were not going to see it actually happen. There was still a bit of ice as the sun set, but somehow we knew that it would be gone by morning.

[later afternoon April 11]

One thing that turned out to be fun was watching the island of ice float all over the pond, over the course of the day. It really moved around a lot, at the same time that it was getting smaller and smaller.

[Gratuitous cute dad and kid photo. Also taken the same day. Trying to get him interested in the scooter - or, wheeled vehicles in general. At this age, his older brother was already riding a two wheeler. This one? he's not showing that much interest so far..... what's up with that?]

[ice from the other side :: still later in the day, Sat Apr 11th]

When I got up Sunday morning, the ice was really and truly gone, having disappeared in the middle of the night, while we slept...

[early morning, Sunday April 12]

I realize that the pictures are not that great - that is, it is pretty hard to really see what is going on. But, if you look closely, you can see the chunk of ice in the middle with the first few pics. Also, notice the how the light differs in the different photos. And, of course, notice that there is still quite a bit of snow - luckily, not on our lawn, but on the neighbor's...

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