Sunday, September 20, 2009


Skimming through old blog posts (and sort of trying to get caught up/document things from the past) I see that I have never posted about blueberries. Our first fall here, we did not know about blueberries (in the sense that there is a local place you can pick your own). Our second fall, we figured it out, and picked quite a lot, but we still felt that we could have done better.

This year, we really were even better, picking even more, getting the kids picking,
and making not one, but two, blueberry pies from fresh blueberries, while we were still in the midst of picking.
(we generally head over to the blueberry place, which is just a few miles from home, and pick for about an hour. So, we picked quite a few times, over the course of about three weeks, in September).

I now cannot remember how much we picked this year. But, I really think we picked enough to last, which means we can have blueberries in breakfast goods and baked treats pretty much all year long.

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