Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple Picking

I suppose you could go apple-picking in Colorado, although I don’t know for sure…. But, there is something so very New Englandy about apple-picking in the fall.

Upon the recommendation of a colleague, we went to Ricker Hill Orchards, in Turner, probably about a half hour or so south of Farmington. It was a spectacular, perfect, fall day: sunny, just right temperature, and a bit of a breeze. The orchard is located in a beautiful spot, with great views, because it is on a bit of a hill.

They have conventional and organic apples, and we got some of each; I'd have liked to do a little more research about how they grow each kind, as well as a little bit of comparison and taste testing, but, I did not quite manage that. The real highlight, though, was the apple sling shot. Take a bucket of apples (drops), and go wild.

It was one of those days, and one of those experiences, that made me really happy to be in Maine. And, I’ll follow this entry with one about the pie that came from the apples we picked.

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Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

Love the apple orchard. It looks like it was a blast. I hope all is well. We miss you around the Culdy!!