Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Love the Chickadees

No, not the birds (well, we actually really love those too, but you can see them practically anywhere). What I am talking about is the license plates.

Maine has been a bit indecisive about their license plate identity over the years. My very first Maine plates, on my first car, were just plain black on white (this would have been back in 1987). Then I think they switched to the lobster, though for some reason those didn’t stick (my recollection is that it was cultural/political, or something. The people who did not live on the coast felt “not-represented” by the lobster plates). Then there were the loons – actually, the loons are specialty conservation plates, and you can still pay extra for them, so there are plenty of them around to look at and enjoy. We love the loons, too (in this case, the birds, really, as well as the plates…), I’m just not willing to pay extra for license plates.

Anyway, now the chickadee is the default plate, and we like it. When I told Ray that I wanted to write a blog entry about our new license plates, and was wondering if we had kept the Colorado plates, so I could post photos of both, he turned out to have thrown them out already. “I always hated those plates!”


tuna said...

About those lobster plates. The thing is, the lobsters were RED, and people objected to having a picture of a BOILED lobster, as opposed to a live one, I think. At least that's what I remember.

qcanoe said...

Over the weekend, as I was stacking wood, the chickadees in the hemlocks were just out of control raucous and aggressive. What's with that? One of them was on a branch right in my face, maybe six feet away, looking right at me first out of one glossy black eye then the other. Zee zee zeep! Zee zee zeep! Zeep zeep! He (she) kept coming back, too, to give me yet more guff. Maybe the feeder has been empty too long.

Clarissa said...

alden said: I love this blog because it has great photography in it and the main reason I read blogs is because I like the pictures that they take.

Jon said...

I like that chickadee plate a lot!